Flowers forever? Now you can.



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Flower DIY

Flower DIY

ICYMI - Flowers increase happiness by 4789%*according to a non-existent survey by... 



You don't always get what you want, but you can have flowers... 


You don't always get what you want, but you can have flowers every day to remind you that you are totally worth it..and that's basically the same thing.

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Every Queen Needs A Crown!

Will you feel like a princess? YES!
Will it make strangers on the internet fall madly in love with you? YES!
Will you start strutting like a super model? Most definitely! 


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Workshop Events

Sip wine, create beautiful floral pieces, and impress your friends with your hidden talents.

Dried floral workshop events are seasonal. For details on upcoming events - follow on social media or sign up for emails.

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Let's Get Social

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Do we love dried flowers?

Will flowers make your home effortlessly chic? Is your second-born a savage? (psst: the answer’s YES)

Dried flowers ..they know the secrets to an everlasting life, they give you a flower garden without the weeds, and they will always get you compliments!

It's true they wont help you with your metabolism after 40, or get your kids to eat veges,(hello hiding zucchini in every dish) but they are solution for every gift idea (yes even your Mother in Law) and let's be deserve flowers every day. (not just on Mothers Day)

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Love Notes!

None of these people were paid for their kind words (we promise!)

  • Hi Rewa I just wanted to say thank you My Mum and I came to a wreath workshop about a month ago, unexpectedly entertaining and so much fun! It has given me new appreciation for all the plants and flowers in my garden and their possibilities.

    - Thanks again. Katie

  • The floral letter workshop for kids was a brilliant! Thanks for a well organised event, the girls really had a ball and their letters sit pride of place in their rooms. Look forward to getting more kits at Christmas.

    - Jayne

  • We received a floral letter kit for my daughters birthday. Absolutely loved the flower colour selection, she had lots of fun making her letter.

    - Thanks. Rebecca

  • Thanks for the flowers, they are beautiful and vibrant! My mother will enjoy these for months to come. Thank you for sorting these at short notice for us!

    - Sarah

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Oh Hi there!

Hi and welcome to Roar Flora! (*sending air kisses and cue red carpet for your arrival*) Im so glad you are here!

My name is Rewa, Mum of two boys, lover of colour, sunshine and cheese. You will usually find me in the kitchen, or somewhere near water (just not actually in the water...because sharks) ..or in the garage dreaming up and designing beautiful florals for you.

If you’d like to work together, send coffee, chocolate and a message my way (bribes are my love language).

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Dried Flower FAQs

How do I care for my dried flowers?

To care for your dried item, carefully display or store away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Display in a well chosen spot indoors. Avoid displaying your item in high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens as exposure to moisture can lead to mould growth.  To prevent rapid fading, display away from direct exposure to sunlight.  Out door display of your dried item and exposure to rain, snow, heat will shorten the life span of your dried item. If your flowers gather dust, use a hairdryer on a low cool setting and very gently blow the dust off.

How long will my dried flowers last for?

The longevity of your dried item is dependent on the care you take with it, and where you display it. Dried flower items are meant to last a year or two, or longer if you care for it properly.

Do dried flowers smell? 

Dried flowers shouldn't smell bad, but as they are a natural product, they often have a mild scent. Preserved flowers have usually under gone a number of different processes from bleaching and colour dying and these also should be fairly odourless. Some dried flowers have a pleasant scent, such as dried lavender and eucalyptus.

Do you grow your own dried flowers?

Yes and also No.

In 2021, my mother, Jane converted a large farm area to flower production. Her extensive horticultural knowledge has been a wonderful addition, from carefully selected seed varieties, spray free production, and optimal harvesting. This has resulted in quality locally grown dried flowers available for the locally floristry industry, and flower lovers alike.

For other varieties, we try our best to buy from other local flower farms. A small amount of what we use is from imported flowers.